Who I Am

I, José Benjamim de Jesus Magalhães Ruivo, am a native Portuguese-English freelance technical translator, born (in 1969), brought up and resident in Portugal.

I have been translating professionally since 1991 specialising in information technology. Computer manuals (especially notebooks) are really my "bread and butter", with software interface localisation of also playing a major part in my work and, it being my preferred type of work.

Consumer electronics, such as GPS navigators (for instance), mobile phone accessories and software utilities, clinical study data lie within the types of work which I normally perform.

What I do

Besides translating technical documentation and general content texts, I also provide the following services:

  • Proofreading and editing (of pre-translated materials);
  • Transcription of recordings, handwritten texts, etc;
  • Copywriting, translation and localisation of advertising and marketing materials;
  • Software localization (with or without the aid of specialised utilities, see Tools of the trade);
  • Abstracting, when you require to know the subject of a text but do not need a "word for word" translation, I can summarise the content and ideas in the document, this being a faster and cheaper process than its translation.
  • Typesetting, (or DTP, desktop publishing); basically, reviewing the layout of translated texts in a DTP program (temporarily restricted to Adobe FrameMaker.)

There you have anything else in mind? Please do not hesitate to ask me about it, together we can find a solution for your particular needs.

Professional experience

My working language pair is solely English into (European) Portuguese.

I started working as a professional freelance translator working for the Portuguese version of "PC Magazine" of Ziff-Davis, in 1991.

After that, I worked at clients' premises, both abroad and in Portugal, and gathered clients in the UK, Netherlands, USA, Ireland and Singapore.

In addition to all kinds of computer-related material (software interfaces and their manuals, hardware manuals and online help, press releases, disclaimers, etc) and a range of consumer electronics, I had already translated marketing texts, mechanical instructions and general-content documents.

Formal education

I have a Degree equivalent to Bachelor of Arts in Translation, with English and French as source languages, awarded by the Instituto Superior de Línguas e Admnistração (ISLA, Higher Institute of Languages and Administration) in 1991. At that time, no Masters degrees were available in this subject, for which reason I do not hold a Masters degree in Translation.

Tools of the trade

Trados, naturally. Or rather SDL Trados, as it is now known . My first contact with this CAT tool was in 1993, using an agency's dongle for running the software. A few years later I purchased a licence (together with the corresponding, obsolete, dongle), and I have used it daily during latter years.

If you have a website for translation or any other documentation in html format (or one of its variants), do not trouble yourself converting it into Word format, I actually prefer doing such kinds of work in TagEditor rather than in Word. (In addition, work done with the help of such a tool can be carried out in a more consistent, faster and more economical manner.)

MS FrontPage. I am not a web designer however, if your web pages need some editing to make them look just right in my target language, I can use this tool, following your instructions.

Adobe FrameMaker. You can send me the .fm files for the manual you want translated which I shall return to you with the translated text (having used Trados or not, depending on the requirements of the project). Alternatively, I can also review the text layout in FrameMaker®, translation into Portuguese or into another language.

Peer and client recognition

I am an Examined Member of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) in the UK.

Some of my clients speak for themselves about my work:

"José Ruivo has assisted us with various translations into European Portuguese over the years.
We are very pleased with his work and will continue to use his services in the future."

— Mr. Philip Riley (in May 2006), project manager and owner of SOFTtalk Translations

"Our agency started working with Jose Ruivo two years ago.
He has supplied translations from English into Portuguese of technical
manuals for consumer electronics.
José usually meets the deadlines we agree upon, and if for some reason
he requires more time, he tells us in advance.
We don’t have any complaints, and more importantly, we have never
received any complaints from our clients."

— Mrs B. Bernaert (in May 2006), B B Translations, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

"I have found José to be enthusiastic and conscientious in his project undertakings.
He is reliable and has always strived to provide Rubric with the quality expected of being a lead translator for us."

— Mr. Frank Lim (in June 2006), project manager at Rubric

For potential clients

If you like what you have read so far and would like to know more about my services, drop me a line or give me a call (details in the Contact Me section.) Let me know who you are and who you represent, what you expect from me, and feel free to ask about whatever you wish to know.

Besides discussing rates, I can also quote for particular projects; I prefer to do this after analysing all the work involved, rather than giving you a fixed price per word. It may well turn out that the quote is more economical than the result of multiplying numbers of words by a rate.

The payment methods which I usually accept include cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), Western Union, MoneyGram®, etc. My preferred currency is definitely the Euro, (although we can reach agreement in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars).